10 Things I Love About Being a Writer

While perusing through blogs this morning I came across 10 Things I Love About Being a Writer by Erin Cole on Listen the the Voices. Drop by and read her list. She had me chuckling and there's some great comments.

What are my 10 things I love about being a writer?

1.  I can get away with saying reading fiction novels is a part of my occupation, and books are a tax write off.

2.  I get to work every day with the beagles within petting distance, and take them out for a walk whenever I feel like it.

3.  I can do housework in between writing and editing. 

4.  No insecure moron control freak boss to deal with every day, although the ones from my past keep popping up as evil characters in my books.

5.  You get to meet tons of other fabulous writers.  Writers and just great people!

6.  When people hear I write horror they assume I'm crazy, and they're mostly right.

7.  I don't have to live in reality for 5 or 6 hours a day. 

8.  I get to legally kill people in print.

9.  I have total control over my best friends--my characters.

10.  When something I've written makes people laugh.
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