True Lies or Creative Writing?

Well, it finally came round to me, the Creative Writer Blogger Award by my buddy C.J. Ellison. Thanks C.J.! I've seen this on a lot of other blogs and I have to admit I've been dreading it coming to me. This is an award, but it seems more like one of those chain emails I usually trash. Yes, I admit it. I'm a chain breaker. I've decided to go ahead with this one though, since I needed a question for Friday's blog post anyways.

Okay, so I have to provide 7 facts about myself that may or may not be truths, six outrageous truths and one outrageous lie, or vice versa. This could be kinda fun, considering I get to lie. But then I have to nominate seven other bloggers for award. Not fun because I know this has already been posted by most of the bloggers I know. ARGH!!

Remember I am a horror writer while you read these.

1. While I was in the Air Force, I was put on extra duty to search for body parts after the Ramstein Air Disaster.

2. While in kindergarten I was a bully to the point I could have killed another child. Bashing heads into walls was one of my favorite ways to torture other kids.

3. The poem I wrote about capturing a toad, driving a nail into its head and killing it with a vice grip is really a true story.

4. When I was 17 my boyfriend was 32. He was married and screwing his wife's best friend as well. Ten years later I saw him confessing his misdeeds on a daytime talk show.

5. I can see and converse with dead people, and more often attract nasty souls that have killed and tortured other people as well as the spirits they've hurt.

6. I've had multiple OBEs throughout my life, but have managed to stay in my body for the past eight years.

7. Blood makes me queasy to the point I nearly pass out.

I'm nominating:


C.J. Ellisson said...

I'm going with the bully one - I distinctly remember a tale about you and a kid with a rock. I don't recall the bashing in to walls part though.

Good job! And the frog one was creeeepy!!

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