Ready or Not...NaNoWriMo

I'm SOOOO ready!!!!  Bring it on!

Outline is pretty much done.  Still expect to make a bunch of changes as I write and add new stuff like I did with the 3Day.  But, I've reached a point where I'm adding way too much detail, so I've decided to leave it alone until Monday.  

I'm feeling antsy about starting.  Actually think I was ready to start a week or two ago.  Probably because I've had the story idea for Cause for Redemption in my mind for a good 9 months.  It's been a couple months since I finished the first draft of Warrant for Damnation and haven't been writing anything new but the outline. 

Today I had to distract myself from adding more to the outline, so I made a chocolate cake, gluten-free orange cupcakes and rice crispy treats.  Kitchen's still a mess.   Now I'm ready to kick up my feet, watch a movie and share a bottle of wine.


Marissa Farrar said...

Oh, God. I'm sooo NOT ready. I have too many other projects going on that need to be finished first. I fear my first attempt at NaNo is going to crash and burn!

W.J. Howard said...

From what I read on your blog it sounds like you already have the habit set to do the writing, so I've got confidence you can do it. Good luck!!

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