What is Your Definition of a “bad writing day”?

Okay, I'm seriously behind today, and I totally forgot to post my weekly question. OOPS!

This week's question is from me to me and inspired by missing the entry date for the Gold Contest and joining the Creative Everyday Blog Hop this week. The theme this month is bliss. What do I do to achieve a state of bliss? Well, I miss deadlines for contests...hee, hee, hee. If you remember from my confession Monday, I felt a sense of relief not entering that contest and I still don't regret it.

There is also bliss in a bad writing day. Really? Yesterday is a perfect example. It was a stressful day with repair people in and out of the house. The landscapers are back again today, ARGH!! Trying to write a story part for The Courier or discuss Bloodleggers with R.J. is painful when I can't concentrate. So I worked on one of my distractions, a book review blog hop for Blood Reads. Yeah, I'm kinda getting carried away with the whole blog hop thing, but they're so much fun!

Now I've been a bit down on myself about my little distractions, but yesterday I realized something about them. They are related to my past lives in the software industry and business networking. I can't let them go because I still love working in these areas. It's bliss! I've just done a flip flop to writing fiction professionally.

So the distractions are okay. And I'm not going to beat myself up about them anymore.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Repairmen in your house is a real pain. I have had repairmen hammering under my apartment for 21days straight while I was on graveyard shift (for a blood courier that sounds very odd) and on night call.

Talk about ruining your bliss and then some. You have a delightful blog. Come visit mine. I write urban fantasy and historical fantasy, using the same lead character -- an undead Texas Ranger. Roland

No, I'm Roland. The Ranger is Samuel McCord.

W.J. Howard said...

Sprinkler system is still broke, so I'm stuck at home waiting for them to show up for more repairs this morning, ARGH!

Glad you're enjoying my nonsensical blog. LOL. Dropped by yours this morning and have added you to my feeder. Might have to hit you up for blood courier advice for the Bloodlegger series.

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