Weekly Whine: Contradictory Feedback

We're on day 4 with no sun here in Denver and I feel like all my energy has been sucked out of me. The good thing...I'm wearing a sweater in June. Hate the heat. It's supposed to clear up today, and I can see the mountains, so at least no walking beagles in the rain today.

Anyways, I'm lacking motivation to write today, so I put in Drag me to Hell right before I sat down to write this. Get the heart pumping; wake me up. I know nothing about this movie other than a vague memory of the commercials last year. It just started and I'm not impressed with the gross gypsy woman and her curse on the pitiful Christine. Great timing with the storyline, considering the banking industry. Wrong target though. Can we please drag a few upper executives of the major banks to Hell...please.

I'm pretty excited that Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner is running a series this week in her blog on contradictory feedback. This has been my greatest challenge as I make my way through the feedback from my critique group. Best piece of advice she provides this morning.
It's important for you to go with your gut and stick with your vision. Don't allow anyone to take away your voice or an important part of your message. However, if you're a newer writer and you're not sure you've found your voice yet, you can allow those critics to help you refine your voice or find your vision. It's a delicate and tricky balance - figuring out which changes feel like you're improving the work, and which feel like compromise. Only you can decide.
I do go with my gut, but I've reached a point in my group where I have my favorite critique members. And recently I've gone against my gut and experimented with a few suggestions that turned out helping the story flow better. Interesting lesson and more contradictions.

Drag me to Hell is over. My rating, 3 out of 5 stars. They set it up, so it was very obvious how it was going to end. All in all, the movie reminded me of a cutsie long and predictable Tales from the Crypt episode.

It's Monday! What are You Reading?

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Currently Reading: Road Trip of the Living Dead by Mark Henry & God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert

Listening to: Blood Trail by C. J. Box

Just Finished: Moonshine by Alaya Johnson & Small Favor by Jim Butcher (LOVED IT!!)

Next up: Dance on Fire by James Garcia Jr.

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Robert C. Nelson said...

I can certainly feel your pain about the weather since I'm only 100 miles or so from where you live. However, I find it wonderful to write when the weather is crap and the wind is blowing torn off branches down onto the roof and streets- not large branches, mind you, just little ones. I don't enjoy running in it, though.

Your writing group statement is pretty interesting. Mario Acevedo, who is really coming into his own now, was telling me how even with his fifth successful novel, he belongs to the same group. These people tell him how it is, and he respects their opinions. Have you ever run into Mario, Wendy? He lives in Denver.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

In Louisiana, bad weather can turn into deadly weather. So when it is just simple rain, I heave a sigh of relief.

I thought you would participate in the character interview blogfest. I was looking forward to reading yours. Rats.

I'm currently reading
BLUE-EYED DEVIL by the just deceased Robert B. Parker
THE PASSAGE (the vampire novel praised by Stephen King) by Justin Cronin.

Have a great week,Roland

W.J. Howard said...

Crappy weather makes me tired, Robert. I think it's because I still have short bouts of iron and B12 anemia, so sun is my friend.

Have heard that Mario's been a part of the group. I attend the critique group in Littleton when I can, and haven't met him. Maybe at the Gold Conference this year.

Roland, we're weenies in Colorado, considering the wonderful weather we get most of the year.

I sure feel for you down in Louisiana, considering you have more than bad weather to contend with these days. My fiance's son and daughter in law have been down there on and off lately, trying to get a movie started. Jenn's also done some motivational speaking with teens down there too.

I did participate in the character interview, half way since I joined late. Check out my joint blog at http://bloodleggers.blogspot.com. Still need to drop by and finish reading your entry, but need some more peach tea first. See you over on your blog soon.

You guys have a great week too!! :-)

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