How Do You Spend Time Relaxing?

Relax? Who has time to relax? Who needs to relax? Me, that's who.

Today I'm blogging all for myself as a reminded to relax. Like exercise and diet, it's something I seem to fall off the wagon about doing every now and then. So I already know what I should be doing. Here are five on my list:

YOGA: I plan to do an hour of yoga after I finish this post. I woke up in pain this morning, and that's my #1 indication I need to relax a bit. Yoga is amazing for releasing the tension from the muscles.

MASSAGE: The yoga reminded me of another amazing release for tension, massage therapy. Hot stone therapy. Sea salt scrub. AHHHHHH!!! I just realized I haven't gotten a massage in over a year. I'm adding make an appointment to get felt up to my to do list. ;-)

BEAGLE TIME: I walk the boys daily, and between the three of us we get over twenty miles a week. And we don't even have to travel far to do it. Highlands Ranch did some amazing planning on trails, so we're really close to paths that get us into the park and chasing rabbits. I could sit and pet the dogs for hours too. Nothing better for the soul than cuddling up with our pack.

MEDITATION: This is one I need regularly but is the first to get put aside. When I meditate I clean my Chakras and my 5th and 6th are all backed up and nothing new is coming through the 7th. I can physically feel it from my chest up. This always happens when I haven't been writing enough. No room for anything new from the "Great and Powerful Universe."

COMEDY: Laughing really is the best medicine. When my illnesses got out of control, I forced myself to sit and watch comedy on television for hours. It did wonders for my health. I think this is why dark comedy started to show up in my writing.

What do you do to relax? I need to add to my list.


SMidlock said...

I don't have time! But when I do, which is rare, I like to go visit cute little towns and eat a small cafe's. Or relax on my patio in the backyard and write.

W.J. Howard said...

Ahhhh!! Visiting small towns in the mountains, walking down main street is so much fun!

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