Weekly Whine: Slow Going

Slow going this morning. Hope that's not setting a pattern for the week. I guess it's only 6:00 A.M., but I've been up for two hours. Should have gotten some new writing done, but screwed around on housework and blog posts instead. Guess it all has to get done some time, so at least I'm ahead of the game on a few other "to do" items.

I kept a list of stuff to whine about this morning, so here goes it...

Wine headaches to start. Is it the sulfates, I wonder? I can't seem to drink much more than a glass of wine these days without getting a horrendous headache. Okay, maybe it has something to do with my getting older and my hormones changing. That's the part no one wants to admit.

So incredibly happy to be back at my critique group regularly. Of course, now I'm even further behind on the editing.

I went out to Goodreads yesterday and counted the books I've read this year. 18 completed so far, and 2 thrown against the wall at the 100 page mark. Not too bad.

I picked up a bunch of new releases from the library, so the list of books I'm reading is far beyond the usual four. Angelology, I Am Ozzy, and Expiration Date top the list of new releases. Last week I only finished one book, Children of Dune. LOVED it! Yes I'm becoming a crazy Dune fan. Do they have a name?

Oh, not doing book reviews anymore. Too time consuming, and I'm thinking risky. My reviews had gotten so short anyways. Have also though that as an writer, I can seriously nit-pick at books I'm reading, but do it more as a way to improve my own writing. Also been running into some egos of authors I can see bashing other authors out of spite. Hello people, it's a job, just like when we worked for the man. Oops! Ran into a lot of egos there too. What is it about people needing to feel superior? Maybe I'll save that one for next week. So, if I love a book I'll mention it here. Otherwise it'll get 2 stars over at Goodreads and I'll move on without mentioning it.
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Brock S. Henning said...

Ah yes, workin' for the man... And those blasted superiority egos...what the f#$%?. It gets so ridiculous.

Keep up the writing! ;)

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