Monday's Whine: Oops, Did I Project That?

I didn't think I had anything to whine about this week until I put together a list of suggestions for the Wicked Writer's second quarter blog topics. I mentioned that writing about writing was getting boring in my email to the group. And in my post last Friday, I projected bored. C.J. mentioned I started whining three weeks ago, and I hadn't realized it until I went back and read the post Rebel Writer without a Cause. Oops! I guess the title even reeks of it. But everyone is in agreement that we'll start writing more for readers as well, so hopefully my bad attitude will cease. So sorry fellow bloggers and readers.

On a more positive note, Betty Crocker makes an AWESOME gluten-free brownie. My main issue with other mixes has been the consistency being more like a cake. Sorry, but brownies need to be oowie gooie. Even the other non-Celiac's in the house had kind words to say about the brownies. I've tried all the other new gluten free baked goods by Betty Crocker and so far I'm pretty impressed. So kudos to Betty and no whining here.


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